Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

30 Jul

With so many clients out there wishing to lose weight quickly without breaking a sweat, many solutions have flooded the market. These include weight loss pills, drugs, as well as synthetic and natural supplements. Some of these substances are genuine, while others are rip offs. Some are designed to work independently to bring about weight loss, while others should be complemented by other methods. It is important to research on what methods work to make the right decision about how best to lose weight without running the risk of adverse health effects or simply losing your money to unscrupulous business people.

How They Work

Whether pills or supplements, each method you choose will work in a certain way to help you lose weight. For instance, most will cause suppression of appetite and lead to consuming fewer calories which will not only put a stop to weight gain but also reverse the same. Secondly, some pills and supplements discourage the absorption of certain nutrients such as fats in the gut. Additionally, some of these substances enhance the breakdown of deposited fats in the body, and this eventually results in loss of weight. Several supplements have been studied and shown to be safe when used to reduce body weight.


One of the most widely accepted products used for weight loss purposes. It contains active ingredients with synergistic effects designed to reduce weight rapidly, including several plant extracts and caffeine. It has been shown to cut down weight by almost 10kgs in a span of about three months. The product is relatively safe for use. However, due to the caffeine content, some people may experience anxiety after use. For those with sensitivity to caffeine, the side effects of Hydroxycut may include irritability, nausea, and diarrhea.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit that became popular after it was featured on a famous television show as effective in cutting weight. The active ingredient, hydroxy citric acid, is found on the green skin of the fruit. It is extracted and packaged as a diet pill. The pill regulates weight by suppressing the production of an enzyme that enhances fat synthesis and storage. Besides, it also increases levels of serotonin in circulation, which controls appetite and cravings. Its success has been debated back and forth, with conclusive studies yet to be documented. There have been no side effects associated with the product.