The Little Known Truths About Anabolic Steroids

30 Jul

Over the years, there has been a lot of confusion about the legality of steroids. This may be the perfect time to clear things up. Steroids have some medical benefits, so when they are used for medical reasons, and with a doctor’s prescription, they are legal. If they are used without a prescription for whatever reason, steroid use is illegal. In fact, any athlete who tests positive for anabolic steroids can kiss their career goodbye. This is because the IOC and IAAF have a zero tolerance policy against doping. Athletes who test positive are usually banned from the sport for several years, or given a lifetime ban, then fined and stripped of all medals they might have won while using steroids.

Medical Uses of Steroids

Steroids can be used to treat anemia, albeit temporarily. This is because they are known to increase the red blood cell count of the patient. In fact, they were initially developed to help anemic patients. Since they are also known to cause weight gain, steroids are normally prescribed to cancer and AIDS patients to help them gain a healthy weight. This will go a long way in helping them avoid stigma due to their weight problem.

Common Side Effects of Steroids

When steroids are prescribed for medical reasons, the dosages are usually very low, so they are usually completely safe. When it comes to bodybuilding, however, the steroid dosages used are usually quite considerable. That is why users normally experience a wide range of side effects, including; high blood pressure, kidney damage, liver disease and increased aggressiveness among others.

How to Minimize These Effects

The best way to reduce the unwanted effects of steroids is to go small on the doses and go big on the workouts. A low dose of anabolic steroids and a strict workout routine is all you need to get remarkable results. Be sure to also cycle and stack steroids.