The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pre Workout Supplements

30 Jul

Given the busy schedules that are common with most modern day adults, we all want to make the best out of our work outs. Time has become very limited as we try to juggle several work opportunities, family, business and other things all at the same time. Optimal use of time is therefore a necessity. To make things better, different products and devices have been developed over time. Some of these supplements are pre workout supplements. These are supplements that should be taken before every work out to achieve certain effects.

Benefits of pre workout supplements
The supplements boost energy such that you are able to engage in intense work out sessions. In essence it allows you to go the extra mile in your work out and therefore to be able to achieve your goals and objectives with much ease. They also increase blood flow to your brain, muscles and other parts of the body. The increase in flow of blood ensures that you are more focused on what you are doing and what is happening around you. Your muscle response time is improved and therefore you are better suited to prevent injuries.

Sometimes, you may not have had a proper meal in days but you still need to work out. Or you may have experienced a traumatic experience that prevents you from achieving a given level of focus even in you work out. For such instances, you may use one of the best pre workout supplements in boosting your energy and levels of focus before the work out begins. You may also use it to overcome fatigue and therefore achieve better results from your work out. Overall, the pre workout supplements give you a mental state that allows you to super charge your work out.

The disadvantages of pre workout supplements
While some of these supplements have positive effect on your mind, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. In addition, besides testing, it may be hard for the consumers to know what products have been used to come up with the supplements since most companies claim that the ingredients and formulae used form part of their trade secrets and therefore they do not publicly share this information. The grading systems used for the supplements may be misleading as the systems used are not very straight forward. Therefore, it is possible to use a product for a while and still fall short of your goals and objectives.

The use of the best workout supplements does not guarantee that you will achieve your goals much easier or faster than those who did not use these supplements. This is because most of their effects have been proven to be mental rather than physical. In addition, the high levels of caffeine in some of the supplements may result in heart problems and ultimately cardiac arrest may occur. Some companies go to the extent of using dangerous and illegal substances to increase the effectiveness of their supplements. While this is illegal, the use of dangerous substances may result in liver and kidney damages in users.

Some supplements may claim to be the best workout supplements for men or best pre workout for women. However, unless scientific testing occurs, it may hard to tell the best from the rest. Popularity does not always imply that the product is the best and therefore research should be done before a verdict is reached. The best pre workout supplement for you can only be identified through its use and achievement of desired results.

The Verdict
The use of these supplements is quite subjective and it does not guarantee that the effects achieved by a different person can be replicated in another. It is up to you to use your judgement in making the choice of supplement as well as the duration of use. Although the levels of substances such as caffeine used may not be very high, cumulative use may lead to devastating results. It is advisable to seek expert advice especially on dosage to prevent negative implications. It is also advisable to adhere to set dosage limitations and consult before increasing or reducing the dosage.