Somatropin, the Renown Fountain of Youth

30 Jul

Somatotropin which could also be referred to as growth hormone in is a peptide hormone whose responsibilities range from stimulation of growth to formation and regeneration of cells in humans. It is a vital aspect of human development. This protein based hormone is made, stored, and secreted by somatotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland. Somatropin steroid is the generic name for Human Growth Hormone, an artificial form of the Growth Hormone that is produced by the human body.

Somatropin Uses.
In recent years Somatropin steroids have been commonly used everywhere as anti-aging drugs. This anabolic hormone has proved to be of much importance for many athletes in terms of its anti-aging effect, as well as promoting significant growth. In addition, it has a very good effect on promoting recovery though benefits take long to be realized. This hormone has enhanced metabolism which allows less fat to be gained at periods of growth during off season for builders and has significantly helped in their cutting cycle. Athletes also experience a tighter physique, healthier skin, improved sleeping patterns, increased joint and bone strength, increased energy, more lean tissue growth and tendon strength.
Through its ability to synthesize proteins, stimulate the immune system, contribute to the growth of all internal organs excluding the brain and its contribution to the maintenance of pancreatic islets, it is evident athletes are not the only ones who enjoy the numerous advantages of this hormone. Somatropin has been used to prevent severe weight loss for AIDS victims and eye problems caused by diabetes. Growth failure in children and adults who lack natural growth hormone like those with Kidney failure and Turner Syndrome have seen brighter days with this hormone.
Side effects:
Swelling, rapid weight gain, muscle pain, headache, itching where the medicine was injected. Other possible though not so common side effects include nausea, respiratory infection, dizziness, and skin numbing. Serious side effects of Somatropin such as hands, feet and even internal organs enlarging can occur with long-term overdose.
Somatropin for sale:
Somatropin for sale can be obtained in pharmaceuticals and black market. It is one of the most commonly counterfeited and most expensive compounds on the market and therefore caution should be taken when purchasing it. Pharmaceutical grade is the safest way to make sure quality though not finding counterfeits is not 100% guarantee.You can buy Somatropin online easily, though in the U.S. the law only allows it as a prescription-only medication. Just so you do not get scammed somatropin pills and somatropin tablets are not available as it is only found in an injectable form.