Pregnancy and Women Health Care

30 Jul

When a woman is pregnant, there are so many things that are going on in their body and mind. The body is preparing itself to the pregnancy and the mind is gradually adjusting in order to hasten the learning process especially for new mothers. One of the greatest gift that a women can get during this period is excellent health care. So, how do you take care f your health and well being during pregnancy?

Dealing with morning sickness and other conditions
Many women may experience morning sickness in the first trimester. While some write it off and wait for it to wear out on its own, there are those who have severe symptoms and require medical attention to deal with it. Excessive symptoms may affect the formation of different parts as it minimises the level of nutrients that the foetus gets from the mother. As such, you should never write off any symptoms but should strive to get medical attention or advise in order to deal with it effectively.

Prenatal health care
Every pregnant lady should have regular visits to a qualified medical practitioner in order to ensure that everything is going on well. These visits are also useful as they lead to early detection of diseases and infections which are then treated to avoid negative impacts on the mother or the child. In addition to this, the lady is given advice on how to take care of themselves during this critical time in order to successfully carry the pregnancy to term and have a safe delivery. The time between visits will be determined by the doctor but when everything is normal, you will be advised to visit the hospital every four weeks up to the 28 weeks, then every two weeks up to the 36 weeks and thereafter, weekly up to the time of delivery.

Exercise during pregnancy
There are lots of exercises that are advised by women health care experts. These exercises are safe for you and the baby and they prepare the body for delivery. However, you should note that if the exercises are having a negative impact on your health or that of the baby, it is advisable to stop. There are gyms and instructors who specialise in exercises for pregnant women. You could work with them to ensure that you are safe. These people are well trained and understand first aid and therefore in case of accidents, you will be in safe hands.