Muscle Building Tips for Everyone

30 Jul

Getting big is the latest craze everywhere for so many reasons. While bodybuilding is a professional affair involving sports, more and more muscle enthusiasts are doing it for fun or just to impress members of the opposite sex. Regardless of the case, there are valuable tips that muscle enthusiasts should follow. In any case, it is advisable that you be of reasonable age preferably 21 years and older. The following muscle building tips should enable beginner trainees and intermediate bodybuilders progress well.

1. Do not obliterate just stimulate the muscle

Do you lift heavy weights over many reps and sets without concrete results? Well, that is the problem since you are doing the wrong thing. Top bodybuilders recommend beginners to stimulate their muscles nor destroy them with hard training. This is like top secret to gaining muscle fast without hurting your body. To stimulate muscle, it is advisable to pick a maximum of two workouts per muscle group and perform 6 hard sets of an average of 15 reps. This method yields results since it neither falls as under-training or over-training. The tips here is to minimize the number of sets and reps in a specific exercise since it gives the muscle potential for growth.

2. Attempt heavy basic weight lifting

This is kind of tricky in that you should be able to identify the suitable heavy exercise. In case you have difficulties identifying them, ask a professional bodybuilder at the gym. While there are many exercises, good ones are compounds workouts which touches at least more than one muscle group. Olympic standing curls is the most effective exercise. Just 6 sets of 20 reps each yields solid results. Bench press, shoulder press and barbell squat increases muscle size and improve strength. So, ensure you incorporate these basic exercises and making them heavy is the valuable tip.

3. Eat well

When choosing what to eat, be sure to include protein. This is the primary element of bodybuilding. It facilitates, growth, maintenance and repair of worn out tissues during workouts. The best sources of readily available quality protein is from: fish, eggs, dairy products, meat and poultry. Carbohydrates are known to give energy and during bodybuilding, lots of energy is required. In fact high level of carbs triggers more insulin production that aids in protein synthesis. Good sources of carbs is from, yams, cereals and some vegetables. Fat is an important food element as it heats the body, act as a vitamin transportation medium as well as it lubricates joints all over the body. This is key to healthy bodybuilding and overall body welfare. Be sure to consume a lot of eggs, olive oil and fish since they have good fats. Water is an overlooked element that plays a critical role in muscle size. In fact, one pound of muscle can accommodate three pounds from water. Drinks lots of water to avoid dehydration and stick up good muscle.

4. Have a grand plan

A plan shows you the road-map to what you want to achieve. It should have the end goals like winning a bodybuilding championship. Secondly, a goal map is critical since it shows you how you should reach your end goals. Finally, take action, is the hardest part where you are required to stick to your plan without failure regardless of the difficulties or success.

5. Take more rest

Workouts normally take serious amounts of energy from the body. Rest however is the remedy for this problem. It involves only exercising up to 4 days a weeks and resting on the other. This is to allow time for recovery. Also sleep longer at least 7 hours every day. While lifting weights, the tissues wear out so food takes care of the repair but only more rests allows muscle to grow.