Finding the Best Prohormone Stack

30 Jul

As an armature bodybuilder, balancing your diet, exercise plan and remaining committed throughout your program is of utmost importance. These factors are crucial to increasing lean body mass, cutting fat and sculpting your muscles. However, as you progress, you hit a point where there is no additional gain and this is where finding the best prohormone stack comes in.

How Prohormones Work

Prohormones are precursor forms of the natural human hormones. Once ingested, it readily converts to the active testosterone or trigger the production of more testosterone hormone. In this way, bodybuilding process becomes definite. For instance, more testosterone boosts endurance, increase lean body mass, enhanced strength as well as improved muscle definition. The effectiveness of prohormones depends entirely on the type and quality of your cycle and stack which varies with the dosage, workouts and diet plan.

Basic stacks

There are many brands and manufacturers of prohormone stacks all designed to yield specific results. So, depending on your end goals, you can get more information about a specific stack directly from various manufacturer’s websites or thoroughly reading the instruction about a specific cycle. Here are basic stacks and what to expect.

Bulking stacks — Generally, this stack increases muscle mass and strength especially when gains have plateaued. While most bodybuilders are looking for lean body mass, a combination of Decadrolone, Dionobal and testosterone will do the trick. With a high protein nutrition and well-rounded exercise plan, prohormone users in this stack can gain up to 30 pounds of lean mass.

Cutting stack — This is more involved in fat loss so that the overall body appearance is enhanced. With a combination of Winnidrol Clentrimix and testosterone, users under this stack stand to transform their physiques with bigger shoulders, highly defined muscles as well as sculpted arms.

Endurance and strength stack — Those who stack prohormones to boost their endurance and strength know that they should include a combination of Winnidrol, Androlone, Decadrolone and testosterone. To create maximum results and boost your energy levels, include this stack and improve your pre and post workout recovery as well endurance during strenuous and vigorous exercises.

Choosing your stack

As a rule of thumb, always know your end goals when choosing the best prohormone stack. So, follow this simple tips: For one, be consistent with your dosage patterns and take your dose every day at the same time. Secondly, take supplements during and after your cycle. This may come in form of a PCT or SERMS that will help your body come back to normality and as healthy as possible.

While there is no specific best prohormone stack, it all comes down to your goals. So, follow the recommended stack instructions in addition to including a well-planned diet and workout regimen as well as the right stack and cycle.