How To Approach Fruit As A Bodybuilder

Fruit is as abundant in its variety as it is in its health benefits. Its list of health advantages is long. There a ton of antioxidants in fruit. It’s full of vitamins and minerals that are critical to your good health. It’s high in natural sugar but low in calories and fats. It keeps you hydrated. It has a lot of fiber. The list goes on and on and on.

You know that fruit is fantastic. But, as a bodybuilder, how can you maximize this food group to help you gain muscle and mass? You have probably never heard of anyone getting ripped from blueberries. While fruit might not have the protein power source that your muscle tissues crave, it does keep your body healthy and in good form, which means you can concentrate on getting stronger without worrying about whether you have the healthy foundation to support the new strength.

Eating fruit will help your digestion and keep you healthy. Illness will certainly derail your workout plans and goals, so think of fruit as a bit of extra protection. The best fruits for bodybuilders are a variety of fruits. Choose things that are different colors and textures. Eat fruit as a snack, toss it in your salads or on your yogurt. Eat it with cereal and incorporate it into your smoothies, protein shakes, and juices.

Grapefruits and Citrus

Grapefruit is an excellent choice when you’re on a cutting cycle. Eating this fruit promotes your body’s ability to burn fat better. Other citrus fruits can also help. For example, oranges are high in vitamin C. This will help you ward off the common cold, but if you eat it before a workout, you can also expect better results. That vitamin C will protect nitric oxide in your body, keeping it safe from free radicals that might want to break it down and do some harm. Lemons and limes are also good fruit choices. They stimulate your body’s ability to generate mucus and eliminate waste.

Post-Workout Fruit Choices

After a workout, your body is depleted and craving carbs. Instead of tucking into a plate of heavy food, consider snacking on some fruit. The natural sugars found in fruit will give you the carbs that you crave, without doing too much damage to your diet. The most ideal fruits for after a workout are berries and cherries. Peaches, apples, and cantaloupe are also high in both natural carbs and water, replenishing your muscle tissues and preparing your body to heal.

Eat Fruit for Breakfast

When you first wake up, you need a shot of natural sugar as well as some instant hydration. Fruit can serve both those needs. While you’re asleep, your liver consumes all the glycogen on behalf of your brain, since you’re basically fasting while you sleep. If too much is taken without being replaced, your brain could get nervous and begin converting muscle proteins into amino acids. You can prevent that with a nice helping of fruit for breakfast. All the sugars in the fruit you eat when you first wake up will be used in healthy ways by your body. Nothing will be converted to fat and nothing will be stored. So go ahead and feast on bananas, melons, oranges, and pineapple.

There are so many great varieties of fruit; don’t be afraid to experiment. You probably know what you like, but why stick to the same apples and bananas and berries all the time?

Try mango or a few different varieties of pears. There’s kiwi and starfruit and pomegranate. Even avocados and tomatoes count as fruit in some circles. So, incorporate them into your diet because whether they’re fruits or vegetables – they are delicious and can help you.

Bodybuilders have a lot of nutritional balancing to do. You probably spend a lot of time piecing together the right meals that will give you the best shot at a great workout and extra muscle. Don’t forget that fruit can help, and should be included in your diet every day.