Best Veggies For Bodybuilding

You know by now that diet is just as important as workouts when it comes to increasing muscle and building your body. What you feed your body has a direct impact on how well you’re able to build and maintain muscle mass. You should be focused on protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and a bountiful selection of fruits and vegetables. All of these nutrient-rich foods work together to provide you with energy as well as essential oils, acids, and bodybuilding power punches.

Vegetables are important for a number of reasons. First, they’re good for your overall health. They are packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that keep your whole body healthy. They also your brain work well, so you can stay focused on your goals and your workouts. The micronutrients found in vegetables are also important because they are things your body doesn’t make naturally. You need to get them through diet.

Five Fine Veggies


Kale is a fashionable vegetable right now – everyone is eating it. But, if you can get past the popularity, you’ll see that it’s actually a great choice for bodybuilders. It has tons of vitamin A and vitamin C. More importantly, it’s got vitamin K, which absorbs fat and lets your body turn your food into muscle. You’ll also find copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, and vitamin B6. You can steam kale or saute it in a bit of olive oil. Toss it into salads, soups, and smoothies.


Another great veggie for the muscle-minded crowd is spinach. This leafy green pairs nicely with kale when you’re making a salad, and you should also try scrambling it with your morning eggs. There are a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients in spinach, which means your body will be able to heal itself quicker and you’ll be more likely to avoid pain, swelling, and discomfort after a hard workout. The fiber in spinach is also a great benefit.


Even outside of bodybuilding circles, broccoli is a great vegetable because it’s so nutritious. It has a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals like calcium, potassium, and selenium. As a weight lifter or bodybuilder, you’ll benefit from the ant-inflammatory properties of broccoli as well. It’s very low in fat and calories and easy to add to your meal plans and snacks. Eat it raw for maximum fiber and vitamins. You can also use it in stir-fry recipes and put it on pizza.

Brussels Sprouts

These vegetables do not find their way on to many plates, but there’s a good reason to eat them if you’re focused on reducing fat and building muscle. The contain a lot of sulfur, which helps you to detox and flush out anything your body doesn’t need. They help with digestion and also have a handful of nutrients like vitamin K and vitamin C and vitamin B6. There are even some omega-3 fatty acids found in brussels sprouts. Roast them until they’re crispy.


Feel free to debate whether an avocado is a fruit or a vegetable. If you decide it’s a veggie, you should know that it’s a great one for muscle building. Avocados may be high in fat, but they’re healthy fats. You get tons of nutrients in this fruit/vegetable, especially vitamin C and potassium. Make yourself a guacamole, slice some into salads, or just scoop it out of its shell with a spoon.

All vegetables will provide some sort of dietary support to your bodybuilding plan. These five are especially good, and you’ll notice that you look and feel a little bit stronger when you make intentional choices with your vegetables.