Best Foods For Muscle Repair

Even if you’re an experienced bodybuilder, it’s not uncommon to feel sore and exhausted after your workouts. You need to incorporate enough rest into your routine so your muscles have the time they need to repair themselves. While rest is important, you also want to speed up the recovery process so you can hit the gym again and lift your way to bigger, more powerful muscles. When you’re trying to add strength and muscle mass, you need to be strategic.

Your diet can help you repair your muscles better and more efficiently. Certain foods are better than others when it comes to healing muscle tears, protecting your tissues and ligaments, and preparing you for bigger and better workouts. When you’re trying to build a better body, make sure you’re eating what you need to recover and repair.

Don’t Dismiss Recovery

Perhaps you’ve never thought too much about how to manage your recovery process. Maybe you’ve seen it as simply something that needs to be endured, while you count down the days, hours, and minutes until you can get back to lifting weights. If you’ve dismissed the importance of muscle recovery and repair, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

You might even find that the recovery process can be fun, and give you a chance to try new foods and discover new favorites. For example, caffeine is good for you when you’re in recovery mode. Coffee and caffeinated teas can help you get over your muscle soreness and build a stronger body. This is a great reason to have that mid-morning espresso or a second cup of java with your breakfast.

What To Eat While You’re Recovering

1. Leafy greens and crunchy cruciferous. These types of vegetables are almost always recommended for any part of your workout. Whether you’re bulking or cutting – gaining muscle or losing fat – rich green veggies that are high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, are always recommended. They’re good for the recovery process, too. They have an impact on your hormones and the metabolic process. So, fill up on broccoli, spinach, kale, and cauliflower. Eat brussels sprouts and chard.

With vegetables like this, you’ll lower the stress hormones that are often present after a particularly tough workout. You’ll also reduce inflammation in your joints and improve your thyroid functions. These are healthy, low-sugar carbs that will help you recover quickly and repair your most damaged muscles.

2. Berries and Dark Fruits. If you like fruits such as raspberries, cherries, blueberries, and strawberries, you should pack as many of them into your recovery diet as possible. Drink them in smoothies, sprinkle them on top of your yogurt, or just eat them by the handful. Research has found that these fruits can delay the onset of muscle soreness, which is a game changer if you feel like you’ll barely survive after a workout.

Not only will your body recover faster, you’ll also improve other bodily functions. For example, dark red cherries will help you sleep better and keep your blood healthy. Plums are also great for renewing your muscles, and you’ll gain a ton of antioxidants with fruits and berries as well as instant muscle repair.

3. Drink Water. Staying hydrated is an essential part of repairing your muscles and recovering after a workout. Drinking enough water before, during, and after your workouts will ensure your muscles don’t get unbearably sore. You won’t be as fatigued, and you’ll especially be in better shape if you’re building your body in a hot climate.

Dehydration causes all sorts of problems for your body. You absolutely must avoid it as a bodybuilder, and if you want to recover quickly, you’ll pay more attention to how much you drink.

These three dietary considerations will have a positive impact on your ability to recover and repair your muscles. Eat your fruits and veggies, and drink your water. Otherwise, continue with your regular healthy diet, and your repair process won’t be as painful.