Diet Tips When Using Roids

When using steroids you should understand that your body wont grow if you wont take proper care of it. Steroids aren’t magic pill that give everything what your body needs to make him bigger, stronger or slimmer if you are cutting.

ProteinsFirst – you should understand that we need lots of protein in order to build muscle. Our body are made of protein and water. Protein is like bricks to our body/muscles we need bricks to build house yes? So we need protein to build muscle. Usually people are telling other people to take 2g protein per 1kg your body weight. When using steroids you should take 3g per 1kg of you body weight to maximize your results. So if you weight 80kg take not 160grams of protein, but 240grams. Best protein sources: White Meat, Eggs, Red Meat, Milk Products, Protein Shakes.

CarbohydratesSecond – take a lot of carbohydrates, carbohydrates are energy to our body, so we need carbohydrates that we would have energy to workout harder and longer and be more active. You should take not less then 4grams of carbs per 1kg your body weight. For example again if you weight 80kg you should take 320grams/day at least! In fact if you want to see real gains you should take 5grams of carbs per 1kg of you body weight, that would be in this case 400grams/day. That much carbohydrates will get you motivated to workout harder then ever before and when we take legal steroids we can workout even harder. Some people take 3grams/1kg, but thats too little for guys or girls who want to see real gains. Best carbohydrate sources: Brown Rices, Pasta, Grains, Bread, Potatoes, Fruits, Vegetables.

FatsThird – you should take at least 50g/day of healthy fats. Now why fats? Steroids are testosterone that boost your what? Your hormones. So yes you will have more testosterone in your body and that will increase your hormones and hormones increases everything in your body, strength, endurance, power, fat burning, size and etc. Now fats play almost same way, but most people take too much fats and then they talks why so fats are bad and they gain weight not muscle, but fats. In order to achieve great results you should always use fats, but use only healthy fats and not too much. If you are bulking then 1gram of fat per 1kg is enough, if cutting then take 0.75g of fats per 1kg of your weight. Fats are responsible for our hormones, don’t ever totally cut your fats from diet. If you do so you will increase chance of getting big health problems. Best fat sources: Peanut Butter, Meat, Fruits, Vegetables.

Drinking WaterFourth – drink a lot of water. Remember what in school biology teachers said? Our body made from 70% water. So as you may understood we need to drink a lot of water per day to stay hydrated & pump that muscle to the max! Take at least 4litres per day especially if you are using steroids.

Vitamins And MineralsFifth – don’t forget to use vitamins and minerals and eat fruits and vegetables, because if you are serious player you will be pushing your body to the limits and sometimes our bodies can’t hold on much then we start to cache cold, we can’t workout properly and we will start loosing our gains. So make sure your weapons are loaded and ready to fire. That way you will always feel good and will give all 100% in gym to achieve body that you want.

Deep SleepLast thing – you should get a deep good sleep every day, sleep at least 8hours to feel great and have energy needed to go to the gym and work hard. If you sleep less then 6hours your are playing with testosterone levels, the less you sleep the less testosterone you will have in your body and the less results you will get.

So to sum up – eat lots of healthy food, drink lots of water, take minerals and vitamins, have a deep sleep and lastly take legal steroids to maximize your gains. Remember people diet comes first everywhere, no matter if you are cutting or bulking. Second comes workout plan and lastly comes supplements. Buy legal steroids now.

Hope you enjoyed our tips. Please share with your friends if you found it useful. Thank You!